Video Games Live Concert: Oct. 25 Beacon Theatre

Way back over the summer I saw a commercial for Video Games Live, and it stuck in my head. VGL is a live concert with music from tons of your favorite video games played by a full orchestra and professional musicians, but that's not all. The music is accompanied by video game footage on a ginormous screen. Throughout the show interactive events like a Guitar Hero challenge and Frogger take place, making the audience part of the show.

Video Games Live Image
The concert series is the brainchild of video game composers Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall.

This years' concert is sure to be amazing. After last years' sold out immediately, VGL decided to do a special pre-sale for the upcoming October 25 concert. The website says tickets are still available, so I encourage all gamers to take a look, you might just learn something about good music.

"This year's show will feature music from classics like

  • "Mario Bros."
  • "The Legend of Zelda"
  • "Final Fantasy"
  • "Metal Gear"
  • "Sonic the Hedgehog"
  • "World of Warcraft"

franchises; as well as from upcoming installments of "Halo" and "Diablo." " -Marc Graser

Performed music (click to expand)

   Advent Rising
   Beyond Good & Evil
   Chrono Cross
   Chrono Trigger
   Civilization IV
   A Classic Arcade Medley
   Command & Conquer (Red Alert)
   Diablo III
   Dragon's Lair
   EverQuest II

   Final Fantasy (multiple segments)
   God of War
   Halo (multiple segments)
   Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
   Kingdom Hearts
   The Legend of Zelda series
   LucasArts Medley
   Mass Effect
   Medal of Honor
   Mega Man
   Metal Gear Solid

   Need for Speed: Undercover (featuring Splitting Adam)
   Silent Hill
   Sonic the Hedgehog
   Space Ace
   StarCraft II
   Super Mario Series (multiple segments)
   Tom Clancy Series Medley
   Tomb Raider (series)
   Warcraft (multiple segments)
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That sounds pretty cool, except where was it being held and can you post a link to more info on it? It sounds like it's worth checking out! There's this group of people called the ZREO Team who re-orchestrate Zelda music and u can download it for free.

zreo team site

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Here are the dates. Looks like i was a bit off on when the new york show was. I guess it was an extremely early commercial for the October show at the Beacon Theatre.

July 18, 2009 Houston, TX Jones Hall
July 23, 2009 San Diego, CA Embarcadero Marina Park
July 27, 2009 Cincinnati, OH PNC Pavillion
July 31, 2009 Lewiston, NY Artpark
August 29, 2009 Taipei County, Taiwan Pan-Chiao Sport Stadium
Sept. 21, 2009 Tokyo, Japan Tokyo International Forum
Sept. 22, 2009 Tokyo, Japan Tokyo International Forum
Sept. 25, 2009 Augusta, GA Bell Auditorium
October 4, 2009 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Canecão
October 11, 2009 Philadelphia, PA Kimmel Center
October 11, 2009 Philadelphia, PA Kimmel Center
October 25, 2009 New York, NY Beacon Theatre
November 7, 2009 Portland, OR Schnitzer Concert Hall
November 8, 2009 Portland, OR Schnitzer Concert Hall

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Final Fantasy 7

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Pretty cool from 3:30 to the 5 minute mark.

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That's pretty cool that they are gonna have this concert. Besides Sonic The Hedgehog! Could they add Resident Evil instead?!

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