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So, I need some new things to watch/read, you need some new stuff to watch/read, we all need some new stuff to watch/read, why not help each other out?

I figured we could use this thread to write out short little reviews for anime/manga (or long ones, anything you want), whether it be something old or something new. Hopefully we can keep this thread going for awhile, I think it would be great! Or maybe I'm just bored and overly optimistic, BUT HEY.

I even made this stupid little rating system, and you guys can use stars for stuff, if you'd like. In case people are bums and don't feel like reading through the entire review or something (which is lame, but hey).

For anime:

Collecting/Rewatching Value:

For manga:

Art Style:
Collecting/Rereading Value:

And here, you can even have a star. ★ One star being the worst and five stars being the best. You can just copy-paste that into whatever you need it for and it'll work.

So, I guess I'll start!

Series: Wild Adapter
Manga-ka: Kazuya Minekura

Six volumes released in America by Tokyopop, it seemed unfinished and I'm not quite sure if Minekura has finished it or not.

As with most of Minekura's work, Wild Adapter is strongly fueled by action. It mostly revolves around the Yakuza and a strange drug called 'W.A.', which when taken by someone, turns their body into that of a wild beast. You don't have many bored moments with this manga, as there's always some sort of underlying mystery going on (as with 'W.A.' the whole time) and the twistings of what's going on in the mafia. The main characters, Makoto Kubota and Tokito, are both deep and intriguing, and they have enough mysteries going on in their life to keep them fresh. While the series is action, there are still many comedic moments. The only thing that might turn some people off of the series is that the series was originally published in a 'boy's love' magazine, but other than Makoto's overprotectiveness for Tokito, there really aren't any hints of yaoi or shonen-ai. Again, as with most of Minekura's works, the fangirls use their own minds for that one. It's not enough of anything that it should deter someone from the series.

Art Style: ★★★★★ While Minekura's style takes some getting used to for some people, it's extremely unique and great to look at.
Characters: ★★★★★ They're both easy to care for, and it's fun to see their relationship between themselves and others around them play out.
Plot: ★★★★ This is a little bit lower, just because of it because a Yakuze plot, which could be 'typical' for some people.
Collecting/Rereading Value: ★★★ There is a lot of text and a lot of things to follow, but it's something you can definitely reread.
Overall: ★★★★★ Granted, I'll admit I'm probably a little bias towards Minekura's work, but I really think it's a great manga overall, and there's something in it that a lot of people can enjoy.

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Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Music: ★★★★ Not bad, eventually you attempt to sing along to it until you realize you suck at Japanese...

Animation: ★★★★ Although the anime is much different from the manga and some people consider the manga to be way awesome, (which it is!!) the anime is not bad either!

Characters: ★★★★★ A variety of different personalities comes with this show: Anger, emo, laid-back, shojo girls, cute pudgy faces....getting off-track much?

Plot: ★★★★ A hitman in the Italian mafia named, "Reborn" comes to Tsuna, (main character) to, "tutor" him cus he fails at school. Tsuna soon finds out the fate that lay ahead of become the tenth Vongola boss, (which he does not want to become because he's a frady cat and apparently very, "fragile.")

Rewatching Value: ★★★ By rewatching this anime, you'll come to realize, (if you haven't already) Reborn's extreme nonchalance which makes him so loveable and awesome!!!

Overall: ★★★★ Watch this anime if you're looking for something humorous, with a continous plot throughout the show. -Four stars- WATCH IT!!

Reborn, I choose you!

9 years ago
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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Music: ★★★★ i LOVE the music! the animation for the openings and closings wasnt great, but the music was awesome! at least for the openings. the ending songs were strange...

Animation: ★★★★ VERY well done it gets credit for always setting the right mood, and the characters are always gracefull and show lots of emotion.

Characters: ★★★★★ character development is BEYOND incredible!!! the people all go through so much experience and maturing... its beyond belief-- and they are NOT mary sues! they are all relateable!

Plot: ★★★★ the plot is intensly deep, disturbing, and moving. in essence, the main storyline is that Lelouch has a grudge against the Britannian Empire which is on a mission to control the world. He wishes to avenge his mother's death and create a world where his little sister nunnally can live happily. of course it is MUCH more complicated than that, sometimes its a bit overwhelming, but is is still a great plotline with lots of twists.

Collecting/Rewatching Value: ★★★★ i DEFINATLY consider this a rewatch (i am doing so right now) and it is easier to understand the second time around too. there are some really fun momments that make me smile while rewatching it.

Overall: ★★★★★ success!!!

8 years, 12 months ago
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Azumanga Daioh

Animation: ★★★★ The animation isn't artsy or anything, but it's exactly what the humor calls for, and it makes me laugh

Characters: ★★★★★ Very interesting characters and the personality dynamics are great for the style of humor.

Plot: ★★★★ Pretty good for a comedy. They go the situation comedy route, but there is also a substantial amount of character driven humor. Specifically Osaka... is awesome :)

Collecting/Rewatching Value: ★★★★★ Love it, watch it all the time... it seems to get funnier with repeat watching.

Overall: ★★★★★ One of my favorite comedies of all time. I am still amazed by how well this show stands up to translation, and repeat watching.

8 years, 11 months ago
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Pani Poni Dash!

Music:★★★★ The intros and endings are a little on the cute side but still good. The downside there are only like 6 total because it's a short lived series.

Animation:★★★★★ The animation is once again on the chibi/cute side. It goes along great with the mood of each episode.

Characters:★★★★★ The characters' personalities are everyday personalities. Their is the clueless, bookworm, leader, weird, too nice, and more. They are the core of the comedy.

Plot:★★★ Ummm..... one thing, there is no major plot. That's not to say it's a bad thing but if you just want to be entertained without keeping up with a story then this is great for you. Basically the first episode lays out the scene: A girl goes on to graduate from MIT and is well renowned to be a genius. She goes on to teach a high school class in Japan. The catch, she's only ten years old.

Overall:★★★★ It's a very funny anime that's is filled with cuteness. I'd say that this is more tuned for the female audience. It's filled with random episodes and is weird. If you have ever watches a Japanese commercial then that is what every episode fells like. If you understand exactly what is going on then you are either Japanese or a genius.

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@FoxKaiya: How do you make a star using a combo on the keyboard? I've tried several things. Nothing seems to be working here. Thanks!

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Ah! My Goddess

Music: ★★ Nothing exciting or memorable, but it's not like it was distractingly bad either...

Animation: ★★★ The animation was not all that great, bordering on plain bad/lazy often times, but there is copious fan service, so I can't go lower than 3 stars ;)

Characters: ★★★★ Shallow shallow characters, but they're adorable. Again, there isn't much to it but it's a feel-good show and makes good passive entertainment.

Plot: ★★ There is hardly any plot, but the cheesiness is often times taken to a humorous extreme, and I like to laugh

Collecting/Rewatching Value: ★★★★ I don't know about collecting, but it's just as entertaining to watch over again, and you even start to notice even more of the lazy/cheesy/funny things the creators did when you watch it again.

Overall: ★★★ A fun, cute, feel-good show, but don't expect to be amazed - it's like listening to top 40 radio... you can bob your head to it, but there's really nothing to sink your teeth in to.

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Full Metal Alchemist: Art Style: ★★★★★The art style can range from chibi awesome (it's actually possible to make a giant suit of armor look chibi) to seriously badass.

Characters: ★★★★★ Most of the characters are genuinely likable, even a lot of the bad guys! Even the minor characters are badass.

Plot: ★★★★★ The main plot, Ed and Al getting their original bodies back, is both a good motivation and not too distracting from the plot, since they are willing to sacrifice their goaals for the time being so that they can help their friends.

Collecting/Rereading Value: ★★★★★ Even if you already know what happens, it's still fun and refreshing to reread it. Also, in the book versions, there's omakes at the end that are usually pretty good. In fact, I'm gonna go read it right now.

Overall: ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ This is my favorite manga of all time. I haven't even been reading it that long, compared with my former favorite Naruto, which I have been reading for years now.

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Helling is a really good anime about a secrete orginization who kills vampires, warewolfs and all sorts of various rivals. The main character is Alucard a completely indistructable immortal vampire who works for the Hellsing corp. so yea check it out you can find it at allmost every book store Barns and Noobles borders etc.

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Helling is a really good anime about a secrete orginization who kills vampires, warewolfs and all sorts of various rivals. The main character is Alucard a completely indistructable immortal vampire who works for the Hellsing corp. so yea check it out you can find it at allmost every book store Barns and Noobles borders etc.

8 years, 3 months ago
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