Dead Fantasy III... real game? or no?

Is this a real game or not? I'm pretty sure it's just a fan-service-fan-art based on final fantasy, but it kind of seems like too much work to just be that.

Has anybody heard of dead fantasy before?

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Dead Fantasy isnt a game. Its just a series of CG animated movies with the characters of Final Fantasy Vs Dead or Alive. I heard that because of all the work the creator put into the movies that he now works for Square Enix.

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Yeah, it isn't a game. The only 'Fantasy' games I can think of off-hand (and there are a bunch more) are Final Fantasy, Fantasy Zone, Phantasy Star, and Fight Fantasy.

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They're great videos but I really want to see the III, IV, and V installment. I already saw the trailers and they look great.

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You know...I just got this crazy vision of what it would be like if Monty Oum, Squenix, and Bandai Namco could produce an actual speed fighter similar to the old arcade game Ehrgeiz with the DOA graphics engine but with FF and DOA characters. Or even using a SSBB-style engine! The difference would be that there would be a real-time cut scene whenever a special attack was initialized. Could you imagine having a fight on the roof of the Shinra building with a Mako reactor in the background? Or in Zanarkand as an interactive stage? That would be amazing.

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Dead Fantasy V has been out for a bit now. If you haven't watched the ones before this, it pays to.

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