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Are you an otaku with a voice you're confident in? Well, this topic is for everyone who has done any kind of amateur or pro vocal work to put up and share for others to comment on. This could be anything from fan-produced anime dubs, to Newgrounds flash animations, to audio projects. Since 0P is a place for all types of otaku, they don't have to be anime/game/manga-related. Don't be shy and show your stuff!

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As an amateur voice actor [AVAer] who is shooting for pro status, I'd really appreciate knowing what you all think of my work. I'll start things off with the latest dub I was cast in.

Any of you know of Chrono Crusade? Well I was cast by an AVA friend of mine in his fandub as the role of Chrono, alongside three other talented voice actors. I'm really happy with how this clip turned out and I hope to hear some of your thoughts on it and our performances. This series is licensed in the U.S. and should be supported. Hope you enjoy. =]

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Wow, that's really impressive! How long did it take to dub the whole episode?

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Thanks for the comments that have been left so far. I'm glad my performance of Chrono was well liked. I'm constantly doing new projects so here are two others that show off more of my character range:

Character: Shirou Emiya / VA: Me
Interested in where this series is going? Watch Clip Two that was just completed today!

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Hm..it's a shame that no one else is doing any fun vocal stuff, whether it's for random enjoyment or not...

My latest character voice demo just released late last night. I am aiming to become a professional. So feedback/comments are greatly appreciated.

ALL Voices, Oriignal Script, Recording, Mixing, and Video editing done by me.

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So yeah, I came across something that's pretty darn awesome...and doesn't involve me. x_x It's the Opening theme for the Korean MMO called AION Online done a capella. I was in an a capella group in college, so this particularly struck my interest. They're clearly otaku for music and so you should definitely watch this because of how talented these people are!

8 years, 11 months ago
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