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hatsukoititleI wanted to share my impressions of this anime series with the 0P community that I thoroughly enjoyed from beginning to end. Here's an excerpt:

"I just watched the twelfth and final episode of Hatsukoi Limited. This is one of the few recent school life love anime that I have been truly satisfied with the ending. All the characters had their own struggles, idiosyncrasies, and doubts to overcome. Many of the characters were also connected in some way to each other. All of them came to terms with themselves and their first loves...What Hatsukoi Limited values most is the journey that each character takes to reach their destination within their own hearts, not leaving the viewer on multiple emotional cliffhangers..."

You can read my entire review here at my visual culture blog, Atama Ga Warui.

9 years, 2 months ago
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Thank you!

IMO, 12 episodes was all it needed, as this was a character-driven series rather than plot-driven. Dragging out a series beyond 12 eps. that isn't reliant at least a bit on plot development would make it bland. It was a very quaint and easy-going series that served its purpose better than much of the anime of today. =]

And yes! Fansubs will be the way to go. If it's not licensed (and it isn't), then there's no way it'll be on Netflix.

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Great review!

I'm somewhat disappointed to hear it's only 12 episodes though, but I guess I shouldn't complain since that means it won't take much time to watch it all ^_^

Since it's pretty new it doesn't look like I'll be able to get it on netflix, or anywhere for that matter...

I guess I'll have to look for fansubs?

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