How to complain / new badges

If anything on the website annoys you in any way... please let me know :)

I love complaints because that help me make Otaku Pride better :)

aim: wangsushibar
skype: jim_robert
icq: 445757758

...and of course the Otaku Pride feedback form is always available :)

Also, I added a few badges for ya!

9 years ago
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is it just me..or is it really happening... why are the reply's being posted by rating? it makes it kind of confusing when im tryna look fer the last posted thing....

thanks fer adding more badges ^^

9 years ago
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Isn't the point of the feedback link... you know what, screw logic. ALL HAIL WHATEVER THE HELL YOU SAY!

9 years ago
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I've noticed this site gets funny on the browser I usually use which is Google Chrome. I understand that it's not a very mainstream browser, but I'd like to be able to use the site with Chrome as well as Firefox (which works great by the way)

8 years, 11 months ago
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