Star Wars: What happened after the Original Trilogy(?)

Okay, anyone but me think that the new trilogy was a bit sub-par in comparison to the Originals? The Third especially, but all of them... they seemed to get worse as they went along. Even Return of the Jedi wasn't on the same level as A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. I mean, it was still awesome, but the original two were definitely the best.

I didn't even bother going to see Clone Wars. NOT worth it. I can watch an episode of the show and get the idea, which is sad...

Force Unleashed: An extremely easy but fun game for Wii that I highly recomend if you enjoy running around slashing and zapping things. There is also a book, but the only time you should read the book is if you don't have the patience to beat the game and if you don't mind spoilers because after you read the book you will probably want to beat the game.

It would make a cool movie, and might provide some redemption for the epic story that is Star Wars. However, I think that making another movie at this point is beating the dead horse...

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Before the 3 prequels came out, George had plans to make another 3 movies in addition to that for post Return of the Jedi.
IMOP Episode 1: The Phantom Menace was the worst movie of them all. Yea yea, seein' Vader as a kid was kinda neat, but after that it was all downhill. Pod races and stealing a fighter, flying it for the first time and blowing up mad trade fed. crew....not really what the Star Wars fan is expecting.
Every SW movie comes with an epic battle scene, and blowing up a couple trade federation ships in addition to Gungans throwing rocks isn't all that epic. The next two were better though, more action, made me a happy boy.

Has anyone watched the new(ish) clone wars series?

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The Force Unleashed was a hell of a lot better on 360 than Wii because it took advantage of all three engines they were using. It made for some really nice destruction (and even nicer breaking of the game ^_~).

I sort of liked where they went with that story line, up until the end. They really decided to change the mythology a lot that it really isn't logical anymore.

The Clone Wars movie was basically 3 episodes of the show (or something to that effect). There are some decent qualities to it, but they are just ruining the series more and more. The only Expanded Universe stuff that I like is Shadows of the Empire. At least it fits into the original saga AND is a fun side story.

What it comes down to is that Lucas doesn't pay attention to what he is signing off on. He, literally, rubber stamps most things that come across his desk. When it comes to special effects, they tend to do a pretty good job (for the time), but even then you can see how the technology seen in the prequels doesn't exactly make for canon films.

There are just so many thing wrong with George Lucas and his films since Empire Strikes Back. Bottom line: nobody cares where the stuff we like comes from; we just love the stuff we love.

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@ Jim

Yeah, I know everyone wanted to know how the Clone Wars went down, and I was kind of looking forward to seeing it...until I heard that Cartoon Network was creating a spinoff series. Then I thought to myself, "The Clone Wars is going to be 2 or 3 episodes of the show put on the big screen." Haven't seen it and probably won't, unless it's being watched in a nearby area.


The destruction is very nice on the Wii, as well. I sooooo love killing those Felucians... it's so easy(and fun) if you know how to do it!

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I agree with Tom. On everything. I actually liked episodes 2 and 3. Maybe I'm biased.

And there are BOOKS that record the events after the death of Vader, like Han and Leia having 2 kids who become Jedi under Luke, who later turns to the dark side then comes BACK, but the books were all over the place and by many different people so I didn't bother.

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@ KaminaSama

I read the book about Leia and Han's kids and it wasn't bad, but there are a number of different sequels so I really stopped trying after I read it. Most of them don't even correlate to each other. There are a bunch about pre-episode 1 as well, but A lot of the ones I read pre-ep. 1 were all part of this series about Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan thats more for 8 or 9 year olds...pretty pathetic that I read them when I was 12. I think that the series where Luke turns to the dark side is probably a different series. The kids end up in an acdemy for sith, but they were kidnapped and managed to resist turning...

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I thought clone wars was the best of the EP 1-3 series...

Not to say the acting had improved or anything, it just filled in all the history I always wondered about as a kid

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On the force unleashed, theres 1 level thats really getting me POd. What ever. its a good game though.

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