Final Fantasy XIV

so apparently, Square Enix has released the Alpha of the game and wants to find some testers. Anyone up for it? Here's the link :)

P/S: I heard FFXIV is coming out in both PS3 AND PC!! FINALLY, PC! Oh and I heard from a untrusted source that It will be an Online game. Do I smell a FF that is MMO?

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Ugh, this game has been a total disaster since I first played it at E3.

It actually has a long history of development problems and was released back in 2011 on PC only. The game had to be pushed back several times from the launch window and the PS3 version was never even playable for the public at any point. After the game's original release, extended time was given to players' accounts just to keep them on board.

It was only a few months ago that more word on this revamped version of the game started to creep out. Less than a year after the game's launch, the development team and leadership was replaced, which is probably the worst piece of news an MMO can get. While these new changes might lead to something altogether better, a lot of buzz that this game had has pretty much died out.

Any Final Fantasy fans are probably still playing FF11 Online, WoW, or any number of enjoyable MMORPGs that are out there. Hell, I'm sure there are plenty of JPRG fans that are playing the Japanese version of Phantasy Star Online 2 (on PC and soon coming to PlayStation Vita), and if they aren't, they will once is comes out in North America next year.

As for me... technically, I'm supposed to get a review copy of the PS3 version or preview code for our debug system. I'm very skeptical that this game will EVER get a second chance on life, no mater how many goofy subtitles they strap to it. If the console version exists, they better launch it soon because this relaunch is their best chance to get this entire game off the ground.

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I pre-ordered FFXIV, but never actually installed it. Guess I let myself get turned off by all of the bad press. (some of it had to be accurate, or they wouldn't have done a re-design right?)

I'll probably order this one too, and actually play it. The alpha is only available to players with active FFXIV accounts.

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