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What other anime do you think shouldn't have end? like Gintama and Air gear, they need another season or two. -kininarimasu!!

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Huh, tough question for me and I can come up with a number of answers. Generally a lot of anime that is based off of manga/light novels that are still continuing tends to end with a lot of loose ends, and some you just wish would have continued because you've followed said manga/light novel series and you know how much more they could have done.

I think a few examples for me are Deadman Wonderland and 07 Ghost, which really built up to nothing. They were both left quite open ended and could have done a lot more with a second season. Durarara!! could do with another season, and only being a 2010 series maybe we will see that happen. Inu X Boku SS could do with another season, and has a time for it to happen yet.

Black Cat felt very rushed in places given they were trying to fit a huge manga series into 23 episodes, which was never enough. Needed another season. And although I was completely happy with the ending we were given, I'll be selfish and say I wouldn't have minded seeing more of Ouran High School Host Club. x3

5 years, 6 months ago
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