Yumeiro Patissiere anime and manga. I'm confused.

So I finished watching Yumeiro Patisserie a long time ago and I just got the spirit to read the manga. Well, as usual I was expecting the same story and plot like in anime before I read the manga, but, as I go along finishing it, I just realized YP anime and manga has its own different direction with its story... Is it just me or did anyone notice the same thing??

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While I haven't seen that particular series, I will tell you this: you'll see that a lot. TV is such a larger media compared to books (especially comics and manga) so different people are involved, and different decisions are made. It is often misguided, but they want to hit certain demographics in some cases. Less often the anime can be seen as the "director's cut", but those are few and far between.

I'd say this: be grateful because you're getting a different story (and probably with different characterizations) so it should be a bit more fresh. It can be jarring at times, but think of it as something separate and not a direct feed from it. After all, the Resident Evil movies [which are garbage] started at generally the same point as the game series but mutated into this horrifying mess... okay, maybe that wasn't the best example, but it gives you another chance to enjoy similar story beats.

Did you like any of the differences?

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To almost echo GooieGreen's comments, this tends to happen a lot, especially in anime. Personally, I don't mind the differences most of the time as I'll quite often follow a manga series and then go into the anime, so the change in story is often very refreshing and keeps me on my toes because you won't always be sure what'll come next.

This may not be the best example, but to an extant Sword Art Online is currently following this patten of being different from the source. The series is based off ten light novels and so far the anime has shaken up the order of which novels are being covered when. In the end this works surprisingly well, given that the later novels work almost as filler, which means the anime can get it out of the way quicker then throw us more into the main story, over getting into it and then taking a break.

It doesn't always work out well, and maybe more often than not you won't like where the anime/TV show/other takes a certain series, but for the most part the differences are good. :)

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The good part was that the different events that were in the manga and anime were really great and satisfying. Its just that I was not used to reading manga AND watching its anime afterwards. It's more like I either read or watch. Anyways, Thanks for sharing your thoughts it sure did help. :)

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