What animes do you guys reccomend?

I'm open to any kind of genre. :)

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If you are looking for some sport spirit and enthusiasm, and some bishounen going all Moe, Kuroko no Baske. http://myanimelist.net/anime/11771/Kuroko_no_Basket

If your looking for an anime with a really cute and moelistic girl, Hyouka. Eru... http://myanimelist.net/anime/12189/Hyouka

If your looking for a little bit well not a little but a lot of ecchi, then Dakara, Boku wa H ga dekinai http://myanimelist.net/anime/12549/Dakara_Boku_wa_H_ga_Dekinai.

If your looking for love, there is a new anime-ised visual novel called kono naka ni hitori imouto ga iru. http://myanimelist.net/anime/13367/Kono_Naka_ni_Hitori_Imouto_ga_Iru!

Well all of those are whats hot nowdays. If you want something older, I suggest watching Lelouch in Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch. It is currently the most awesome anime I've ever watched.

aaand if you want a mainstream Anime, theres always One Piece. Awesomee http://myanimelist.net/anime/21/One_Piece

lastly, If you want to cry both of sadness and laughter, watch Clannad. its awesome. http://myanimelist.net/anime/2167/Clannad p/s: clannad is also from a visual novel.

oh and really lastly, for REALLY HARD LAUGHS, Gintama. Really cool things, Persona 4 the animation http://myanimelist.net/anime/918/Gintama http://myanimelist.net/anime/10588/Persona_4_The_Animation

hope this helps

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enter image description here

Sgt. Frog

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Ben-To is pretty funny. Its about school kids fighting over half priced bento boxes.

Ben-To is pretty funny. Its about school kids fighting over half price bento boxes.

5 years, 11 months ago
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