How Do You Feel About Anime Subscription Channels?

What are your thoughts on anime subscription channels?

The number of shows being aired on cable seems to be dropping over time. I'm a fan of seeing companies like Viz Media launching channels of their titles. Now when I pay for something, I know it's going toward the companies that can continue to provide this kind of entertainment to our generation.

On the downside, going in this direction would seem to only appeal to those who already have a love for the genre. How are we supposed to expose more people, as well as a younger generation to the awesomeness of anime if the only way to access it is on it's own channel on PS3 or other consoles/platforms offering similar abilities? My intro to anime was flipping through channels while eating cereal in the morning before school, I found Dragon Ball.

If the children of the world can't find new awesomeness while eating cereal, we're going to have a really crappy generation of kids growing up. Then the world will suck. The end.

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I'm a Crunchyroll subscriber and have no regrets. It has Anime and Japanese drama, and those are things I can't really find elsewhere. I don't pay for any other kind of television service.

Netflix and similar sites aren't really available in Australia, and I don't watch enough TV to be bothered using a proxy/vpn service.

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Truly appealing content for children really isn't on TV, aside from whatever pandering new Cartoon Network shows they have lined up.

If I was more into anime as a genre, getting a CrunchyRoll subscription to watch it on my PS3 would be a no-brainer. However, given that I enjoy a much wider spectrum of content, I will gladly steal Jim's Netflix account and stream it on my console/media box/iDevice of choice.

Aside from Netflix, no other service provider has really stretched their legs and landed on more devices. You can even watch content on a 3DS or Vita! Crunchyroll just got their act together and made it to Sony's hardware, and it will probably be a while, if it indeed ever happens, that it will come to the 360 or any future consoles (sorry, Wii).

On the plus side, it seems like we're moving away from the local service provider model toward a streaming, on-demand model with a flat-rate. However, content is becoming increasingly walled off segmented from service to service.

For the Anime fan, getting Crunchyroll makes sense, assuming all you really care about is a ton of anime content. But I've been turned off to watching a lot of anime shows based on what little Netflix has. I see how a lot of it is basically the same thing and even the outstanding shows don't stay fresh. While that can be said for a lot of TV shows, at least you can switch the format up on Netflix. Crunchyroll and several other providers leave you with a lack of variety.

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