Kenshin-or how many great animes are out there that i have yet to discover?!

Yesterday on twitter,i met a really nice RPer...we got chatting and he mentioned an old RP account,Kenshin...I had no idea who kenshin was lol..he told me the about the anime..i youtubed it..and Rorouni kenshin is my new favourite(For all Americans the u is our way ;)anime!..i look forward to this trend continuing..haven't felt this since about a cartoon since Avatar:the last airbender and Oban star racers!...well rant question to you many animes have you yet to discover...unanswerable until you've discovered them lol ;)...if any of you have anime's you think are great please tell me..i'm always hasppy to discover new cartoons (^O^)

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We have a bunch of favorite anime recommendation threads, but here's one to start off with :)

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If you're looking for great cartoons, you'd probably do well to point out to yourself the parts you enjoy in the cartoons you already love and then look for cartoons that contain those things.

For example: I love Kenshin because he's a hero whose most important trait is his efficiency at killing, and he absolutely refuses to do it even at the risk of his own life. I see some of this in Superman and Vash from Trigun.

Another example: one reason I love Gundam is that it's got giant robots. Knowing this, I've looked to other shows with giant robots and enjoy a good many of them.

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