Anime Expo!!

Hey anyone going to the anime expo next year? i went this year and i loved it!!! so i decided to get a 4-day pass for next year its gonna be from july 4th-july 7th ^^ its only $45 for a 4-day pass atm too. ^^ and if any of you guys are going what would you cosplay as (if you are)? idk what i will cosplay as yet still deciding but i will cosplay ^^

6 years ago
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The only time I'll be on that coast next year will be for E3, and for better or worse, they are a month apart. I will be at NYCC this year, pending my press pass gets approved (otherwise I won't go).

Jim, you should PROBABLY get your tickets ahead of time this year instead of that epic fail you pulled last time.

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I live in new york, so I'll probably to go nyaf/comicon instead

6 years ago
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oh ok thats fine ^^

6 years ago
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