Weib Schwarz

I don't know how many people here like card games but I thought I'd mention this.

Weib Schwarz: is a Japaneses card game ,like Yugioh or Cardfight Vangaurd (Actually made by the same company as Cardfight, Bushiroad) but the characters in it are pulled right out of popular animes and Video games like Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya , Idolmaster, Neon genesis Evangelion and Angel Beats to name a few.

However the big news is that this game is finally being released in English.
Two starter decks Fate/Zero and Madoka Magica are out.

Like with Cardfight Vangaurd there is no official U.S. release, these are English cards intended for Singapore however places are importing them to the U.S. I've ordered a deck off EBAY, and hope to see EVA and Haruhi cards make the jump to English.

I'd like to see this take off like Cardfight Vanguard has (If any one you are interested in Vangaurd and are on Long Island, there are tournaments at 1pm on Saturdays at Game Table in Mineola)

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Sweet I love card games

Dominion is one of my favorites.

I'm generally less of a fan of collector card games, but playing with a cube draft can be a ton of fun since it levels the playing field for people (like me) who aren't as into collecting. I'm guessing you could do something similar (or exactly the same even) with Weib Schwarz.

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